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    Appearance:able Upon first glance at the wolf he could be described as a one winged angel, But if you are ever able to Observe this wolf you would know that he looks far from it. He is a farily large wolf, a trait he has gotten from his father. His pelt is extremely dark; you would never be able to find this him in the shadows unless he wanted you too. Another eye Catcher would be his one white wing coming out of the left side of his back, on the left side of his back where another wing is supposed to be but was ripped out by his father. The scar is covered up by a mix of fur and feather. Lastly are his eyes, the one on the left is a pure blue eye while the other on the right is a Dark red eye.

    Personalty:Uncertainty is his main feeling, he is unsure of what he is, or what he is supposed to do. It wasn’t like a normal wolf and being able to shift into other animals only added to his confusion, He often refers to his past life as his former self; before his body was changed forever into what it was now. Everyone treated him like he was some kind of monster so that was how he acts, like he was a monster. But that wasn;t how we was or at least that was how he felt, but something inside himself makes him feel more and more like the monster he is portrayed to be. Maybe it’s the Path of darkness calling out to him; perhaps it was best to walk down the path of dark if that was how he Was how everyone saw him.

    Power: shapeshifter (this power is not yet complete when he changes into another animal his eyes and wing are still the same, though depending of the color of the animals pelt his wing will change into a different color. Also he is unable to change into any birds of flight since this wing taken from him so was the gift the flight.)

    History: he has a history that just about over 2000 words but I'm not gonna post it, it shall slowly become known during rp hehehe

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