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    Name: Crescent
    Island: Renon
    Personality: Crescent is always doubting herself, she always bring he self down because she believes she is useless and only makes other wolves lives worse
    Pelt Color:white
    Eye Color:blue
    Markings: black tipped ears
    Ability: wings
    History: Crescent was born into a smaller wondering pack along with her brother Kallik. Crescent always looked up to her brother, he just seemed so strong and smart to her. She wanted to be like her brother so she would copy most of the things he did, but Kalllik didn’t like his little sister following him around all the time but he knew one place he could go where he thought she would not follow. There was a cave close by to the pack, the elders of the pack warned everyone not to go near this cave. Kallik thought the elders were just trying to scare them and he ventured into the cave. Crescent was reluctant to go inside at first but she wanted to become as brave and strong as her brother so she followed him inside.

    Crescent walked slowly through the pitch black cave she had nothing to go by but Kallik’s scent to guide her. She started to her strange sounds, they sounded like low growls. She started to panic she wasn’t sure where her brother was and the strange noise grew louder as she walked deeper into the cave. She bumped into something that felt furry and thought it was her brother, but the the growl turned into a loud roar. Crescent jumped and bolted out of the cave as the bear chased her. The bear was on her heels and was about to swipe her with its claws. But before it could Kallik pushed her out of the way and took the blow from the bear. The hit sent Kallik back a few yards and his side now had a huge gash.

    Kallik somehow stood back up he stared the bear down and without even looking at Crescent he told her to run. She was so afraid she didn’t even give it a second thought she ran as fast as she could. Not long after she ran she could her the painful howls of a dying wolf. She stopped in her tracks and turned around, she knew what had happened her brither was killed by the bear. Crescent broke down into tears she bealved it was her fault her brother died. She didn’t want to return to her pack not without her brother, so she ran, from her old life and pack

    Name: whisker
    Personality: he is kind and caring
    Preferred Form: cat
    Preferred Form Appearance:look at pic

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