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    Name: Soldier
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Black with golden eyes. He has a scar on his right thigh from his escape from the humans.
    ID Marker: Three silver Dog tags, one with the word "Soldier" inscribed on it.
    Personality: Soldier is, as his name describes, a soldier. He'll fight if any of his loved ones is in danger, and will protect anyone he cares about. He's unselfish, but if someone picks a fight he's a star; known many times to escape unscathed from battle when he's killed his opponent. Soldier lets his pride get in his way sometimes, however, and he doesn't open up easily to strangers. He's hostile toward anyone he doesn't know, but goes out of his way to avoid fights as much as possible. He's muscular, easily towering over most opponents. The black brute escaped his "captors" (so he called them) by nonetheless fighting his way out. Fortunately no human was killed (for them, anyway), but he did leave them with quite a few battle scars to remember him by.
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