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    Name: Belle
    Nickname: B
    Age: Five and a half months
    Breed: Timber wolf
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Belle's small frame is a light tan color, while a snowy white underbelly rests below. Her eyes are a bright, vibrant green color that stands out against her cream colored coat.
    Personality: Spunky doesn't even begin to describe this pup. She's the most adventurous any small wolf can be, and she often misjudges her size for a very large wolf instead of a small vulnerable pup. She hates seeing others sad, and will try her best to cheer them up; either with caring words or games that she likes to play. Belle is a precious little one, and needs guidance if she is to travel the right path throughout her life. If she doesn't find anyone to help her soon, Belle may not survive long by herself. Though she's brave and spunky, she's hesitant to meet or trust wolves, and knows full well when she's in trouble.

    History: Everything seemed so peaceful to the small group of wolves who considered themselves a pack. The leaders had just had a healthy litter of pups, and prey was flourishing with abundance. The wolves had no trouble at all feeding everyone in the group; which was four wolves, not counting the three pups who were just born. Belle's sister, May, was the sweetest little girl any mother could hope for. This meant she didn't get along all that well with Belle, because May never wanted to go along with her on adventures, but her brother, Rino, was who she got along with the most. He was a rowdy little ball of teeth who loved to chew on anything he could get his jaws around. Belle's parents were the leaders of a small traveling group of wolves, who never stayed in one place for long, so about two months after the pups were born, they set off again for a new spot.

    Once at their new temporary home, the pups took a liking to it immediately. Belle and her brother scuffled regularly, so it was no surprise that as soon as they arrived they began tackling each other. May, on the other hand, stuck close to her mother as the rest of the pack searched for more prey to hunt and settle for at least the night. There was no telling how long they'd last here. A few days, a month maybe. It was different every time. Her father left with most of the pack to go hunting, leaving only her mother and her siblings to stay. It didn't take long before they were all rewarded with a freshly killed elk.

    A few days went by, and the weather patterns for those days were nearly the same. Rain. Dreary, no-fun-at-all rain. And what was worse; the rain seemed to be getting heavier and thicker with each passing day. Finally, Belle's father decided it was time to move on. Unfortunately, during the middle of their trip, while they were out in the hilly plains, the rain suddenly became the worst it had been in days. Eyesight was impossible over just a few feet, so as a result the group stuck close together. Even to this day, what happened during that storm completely escapes the small pup. She has no idea how she got isolated, but something happened that night that caused her to disappear completely from her group, and in return she was left with nothing. Instinct told the cream-colored pup to stay where she was; that her parents would eventually come back and find her... Yet they were never able to locate her.

    Walking alone now, this small pup has already overcome many challenges that should have killed her. Was it her bravery? Or would that be considered stupidity? Whatever it was, it has kept her alive this long. Unfortunately it seems that her luck may run out soon.

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