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    Name: Kallik
    Gender: Male
    Original Island: Reon

    Kallik is a brave, courageous wolf. He likes to show others that he can do better than them at several things. Though he gets lucky at times so that he can prove it, he really isn't anything more than brave, though has "street" smarts for several things. It would seem that he showed off to his sister once too many times a long time ago, because then she followed him everywhere, and it drove him crazy. After a couple of years, Kallik is now a loner and doesn't like to talk about himself or his family, especially his sister.

    Pelt Color: a light grey color, with tints of darker and lighter colors here and there. Other than his markings he is pretty much different shades of grey.
    Eye Color: Chocolate brown.
    Markings: He has white going around his eyes, and a white underbelly, neck, and under the tail. There is no white on his muzzle, though, as it stops at his throat. He also has a large scar across his right side and a small one above his left eye.
    Ability: Large, feathery, grey wings that sprout from his shoulders.

    Kallik was born into a small, wandering pack with his younger sister, Crescent. He and his sister were close friends, but she always seemed to follow him wherever he went. He slowly grew annoyed by her repetitive actions that tended to copy his, and so one day he decided on the one place he thought she wouldn't go. It was a large cave in the forest, where the elders said they should never go. Thinking they were just trying to scare him, he went inside anyway, and soon realized his mistake.

    At first he enjoyed the lonesomeness of the cave. His sister was nowhere to be found, so he thought that his plan had worked. He found a comfortable spot to relax in the darkness, blind to anything that his paws didn't touch. Low growls started coming as he heard loud paw steps entering, and he knew that immediately that it was Crescent. Trying to be as quiet as possible so she wouldn't find him, a loud roar escaped the cave and he became afraid for his sister's safety, as well as his. Sprinting to where he thought the exit was, he saw her fleeing from a large bear, and quickly pushed her out of the way of the menacing claws of the beast. Being flung several yards, he started to stand up and felt the immense pain his side gave him. But, he still managed to stand, and let a loud snarl escape his maw before telling his sister to run. Relieved when he immediately heard her escaping movements, he charged the bear with snarling teeth head-on.

    Howling in agony at the deep swipe above his eye, he was somewhat thankful that it was small. But it was bleeding, and he attacked once more, attempting to distract it long enough for Crescent to escape. It wasn't long before he was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, the bear was gone. He called for his sister, limping from his injuries. He ended up a long way from his pack, and continued the search up to now. Even now, though, he still hopes that she is alive, and that the bear didn't find her.

    Name: Demira
    Gender: Female

    You could say she is much like Kallik, but in a different way. She is much more cowardly than him, but is better in social skills compared to her partner. While he likes to strut and show off, Demira is calmly talking or just lounging around as she waits for Kallik's charades to finish. But, as he became more distant from society, as did she; Becoming quiet and defensive when asked anything of their past or family. Like him, she lost her social spark that made her so friendly, replaced by a lonely, heart-broken spirit.

    Preferred Form: Tabby Cat

    Preferred Form Appearance:
    Her base fur is grey, with brown stripes covering it in various places. The only scars she has are one across her right hip, and one on the middle of her tail. She has yellow eyes.

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