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    Name: Morana (Means "death" in Slavic mythology)
    Gender: Female
    Approximate Age Range: Adult - 4 years
    General Aperance Description: Build is much more slender than that of most females of her breed. Top coat is completely white, though just barely touched with the natural grey of the snow leopard pelt. Spots are dark; black rings filled in with dark grey. Underbelly is completely white; spots get smaller and smaller on all sides before reaching her underbelly, where they eventually die out. Tail is long and follows the same pattern as the rest of the coat. Eyes are yellow, though look almost completely washed of all color, showing that they are a ghostly grey at a distance.

    General Personality Description: Morana is not the type to be messed around with. If she wants something, there is very little that can hold her back. Hunting is a breeze with this female; she was born to fight, although she'll go out of her way to avoid one if at all possible. Generally, she doesn't want any rouble. She simply wishes to be left alone. There are no days when this female feels generous, and if one were to cross her path at the wrong time, they'd find themselves on the ground very quickly. Morana has no wishes for a "friend" or a "pal" to hang out with. Thus, she treats newcomers accordingly; showing hostility to drive them away from her. Travel is out of the question; she has established her domain atop the Zaribar Mountains and wishes simply to stay there, driving away anyone who comes too close.

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