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    Post  WildWind on Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:02 pm

      Name: Siad
      Gender: Male
      Species: Snow Leopard

      Siad is a very arrogant, self-centered, greedy male. He believes that the world requires rule, and that he, himself, should be the king. He enjoys claiming lands that do not belong to him, pillaging helpless families. He likes to find dens with the father away, leaving the female and young alone to hunt. He'll beat the female near death, then take the offspring as warrior slaves for his army. Several creatures follow him to take over the lands, which just adds to his power and greed, for every terra he claims, he wants more than he ever thought.

      Being with the power to create fire from thin air, he often times creates a wall of flames at the entrances of dens to prevent rescue for any he leaves inside. Several times he's torched a helpless pup or cub for not defeating its opponent in training. Despite all of these things, his age is slowly catching up to him, being a six- year-old. He's starting to seek a female to continue his lineage; A family tree of kings and queens.

      Siad has the average look of a Snow Leopard, with a blue-white coat and brown-black spots scattered across his body. His chest, underbelly, paws, and tip of tail is a cream color. He has yellow eyes, and is actually on the more slender side rather than brute strength.

      Powers/Abilities: He can create and manipulate fire.

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