You Want Me. Come and Get Me.


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    You Want Me. Come and Get Me.

    Post  Sammy! on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:43 pm

    Arabella glanced warily from the left to the right,
    and back again. The meadow filled with a comfortable warm
    breeze that toyed with the copper-hued mare's mane and tail.
    She closed her liquid irises and lifted her well muscled head
    to the wind, letting it clear her thoughts. Her mind felt free, unhindered by life.
    Arabella reared up onto her muscular
    hind legs and gave a thundering whinny. The breeze whipped into
    a furor, snapping the mare's tail against her haunches.

    Arabella took off with a leap.
    She raced across the meadow as the wind began to howl.
    This was what she loved; when the weather
    threw itself into a storm without a warning.
    The rain started pelting down, and eventually Arabella had to
    give up her little race of one.

    The young mare finally seeked shelter in a large cave.
    There happened to be one in a large rock towards
    the edge of the meadow. It appeared as just a crack
    in the rock big enough for a horse to fit through,
    but then it opened up to a sandy cave with plenty
    of light to see by. Arabella shook her copper, black,
    and russet coat, scattering raindrops in the sand.

    Suddenly, there was a noise from farther in the cave.
    Arabella silently cursed herself for not thoroughly
    checking to see if the cave was empty or not. The
    fae stood up and lowered her head, flattening her
    pointed ears to her skull menacingly.

    "Who's there?" she commanded


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    Re: You Want Me. Come and Get Me.

    Post  WildWind on Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:03 pm

    It was a beautiful sunset. The yellows, oranges, and pinks mingled in various patterns on the distant horizon of the forests, shining the few remain bits of sunlight left to give before the cold of night took over. Sitting atop a large hill was a young, white mare, watching as the yellow orb let out it's last breaths for the day. The young horse loved this time of day, even though it lasted only mere moments. Letting out a short sigh, she lowered her head to the tall, yellow waves of grass beneath her hooves and began ripping off large chunks. She always seemed hungry now. She hadn't even finished three bites before a strong, whipping wind blew by. Her mane flew wildly with the rushing air, and the mare had to protect her face from the rough burst that attacked it. As the wind blew past, towards the lower hills, the white horse looked up at the sky. It was still tinted a dark purple-orange, though barely visible as night settled in. Her ears flicked forward as a crash of thunder sounded in the distance, a flash of lightning seconds before it. It was going to be quite a storm, and she needed to find shelter. But where, in the Gods' name, was she going to find someplace to rest until the storm blew over? The young drayagon scanned the hills, and found nothing as she searched before her eyes. Turning around and looking behind, a small cave was easily spotted in the large hill it seemed to reside in, though more like a hole than a cave entrance. Preparing herself to run inside, the mare let out a loud 'huff' before taking off in a quick trot. However, this proved to be too slow for her, and she quickened her pace to a soft canter.

    Though normally the mare didn't run this fast, she had missed it dearly, although it was even harder now to do so. Her mane blew wildly from her neck, and her tail flicked back and forth with every pounding step as her muscles moved underneath her weight. By the time she was within five feet of the small cave's entrance, she was panting with short, quickened breaths as she grew tired of running so fast so long. It was hard on her, and she couldn't risk collapsing. Lowering her speed to a slow trot, she made it in a few more moments, her breath coming back a little easier. Sniffing the cave out for any others with her nose, she found that it had been vacant for quite a long time. Her hooves brought her cautiously inside, and she found that it was much larger inside than with the entrance. Dracona was sure to look at every wall of the cave, to see for any other exits, and found one in the far back that led into a long tunnel which- though she wasn't sure- must have led back outside. Only then did Dracona notice the ground she stood on, a grainy sand that blended together to look like solid rock. Grass lay scattered around the base of the walls, but other than that was lit by one large hole in the ceiling. Letting out a startled snort as another scream of thunder rolled from outside, the mare decided to stand in the shadows in the back of the cave, hidden from sight in case a stranger came in and could prove her harm. She slowly began closing her eyes, tired from the day.

    The young mare was hardly half asleep when a set of hooves came trotting into the cave. Her eyes jerking wide open, she looked to where she heard the horse, or at least something with hooves, came in. She was right, it was a horse, and a young one too. Searching frantically to the back exit's entrance, she had lifted and clopped her hoof against the little bit of rock merging into the sand, creating a loud noise that rang throughout the cave. Cursing under her breath for being so clumsy, she quickly heard the horse call out to her. Obviously she couldn't yet see her. Letting out a low hiss as a warning not to get too close, she stepped out of the shadows to a lighter area, though not directly beneath the hole. Her ears flat against her head, she spoke, "Being in the state that I am, it'd probably be best to tell you who I am.. But," she turned her head to the side slightly and looked down, pondering for a few seconds before turning her eyes towards the mare, keeping her head in place. "You appear reasonable. Not the type to attack mares such as I. I'm afraid I do not wish to state my name, however. This cave is not mine, so feel free to use it as you wish, I came mere moments ago." She spoke with a soft, feminine voice that sounded both mature and young at the same time, which was what many seemed to like about her.

    ooc: Sorry if I goof here and there.. I haven't played a horse in a long time. ^^" By the way, on the site she was on, there were gods and goddesses of horses, wolves, and big cats. That's why she said that in the first paragraph. xD

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