Arabella, Horse


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    Arabella, Horse

    Post  Sammy! on Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:50 pm

    Name: Arabella

    Gender: Female

    Age: Around 2 years

    Species: Horse

    Personality: Arabella is a typically peace loving horse, but if it all comes down to a battle, she will fight to the death if she thinks whatever she's fighting for is worth it. Arabella can be sharp-tongued and is well known for her sarcastic attitude. Arabella, or Bella for short, is constantly butting her fuzzy little nose into business that she has no place in. She's not a blabbermouth so to speak, but she loves hearing all about EVERYTHING. Occasionally she can be secluded and depressed, but normally only when she has a bad day. But there have been a few times when the gorgeous femme had felt her world tumbling down around her.

    Appearance:Arabella has an exceptional appearance. On the outward, she has a delightful mix of dull oranges, shining copper and bronzes, and a subtle black lustre. She is exceptionally uique, mentally and physically. The first of a many layered pelt is a simple, dull blackish-gray, making a mask across her angular face. The onix runs across her side, then down his tail in a single strip. Her broad, muscular shoulders are also encased in the marble color. Next comes an orangish-tan color. It flows freely across her body, wrapping around her slender abdomen in a tight embrace. Arabella's legs are a creamy-tan, much, much lighter than her masculine bodice. The black and tan are flecked with bronze and dark orange, giving her a copper shine when the sun throws its vibrant rays upon her.

    Arabella's eyes are probably her best feature. Slivers of ice blue penetrate the silver walls of her irises. Beautiful. Exquisite. The only words that should be used to describe Arabella. The mask upon her face is colored of dull black, but is at the same time lusterous and gorgeous. The mask emerges from the coating of her shoulders and spine, reaching down, over her orbs, and then forming two points of gray-black under each pool of silver, leaving a smile of white fur with curling corners stretching across her pointed muzzle. A rusty red coats the top of Arabella's maw, seeming an ever present stain of blood.

    Arabella is well muscled, his multi-hued pelt rippling over her masculine figure. She stands at around six feet at the tip of her ears. She is a decent sized horse. The femme is a remarkable warrior, though she has a soft side. Arabella's legs are long, but she does not seem gangly. In fact, she seems more lithe and agile.

    Powers/Abilities:She has remarkable senses. Her hearing, scenting, and seeing abilities are enhanced beyond anything imaginable.

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