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    Name: Fae

    Gender: Female

    Age: Four years and five months.

    Species: Wolf

    Personality: Fae is, altogether, stubborn. She hates to be told what to do, and would rather do the opposite. She enjoys fighting, wrestling, and anything inbetween. Due to this, she is a good hunter to have around. She is extremely aggressive to strangers, and protective of those she cares about; however, few are considered her friends, and if you've been gifted with her calling you that, consider yourself finally not in constant danger of becoming her enemy. Even being her friend, though, you can still end up her enemy in many ways.

    However, Fae is not really that cold and heartless. Hidden deep in her mind is a part of her that is actually very caring and considerate, and actually cares of about the well-bein of others. She feels that she needs to hide this side of her for her own survival, however, and has never shown it to anyone but the very few who make it to friendship, though only see a morsal of it. She finds it best to hide it due to her rough past, of which nobody but herself knows of.

    Appearance: Fae is a solid white, covering her medium-built body nicely. Her paws, tail tip and ears are all black, which blends back into the snowy main pelt with ease. Her eyes are a unique color, being dark blue which fades into a silver rim. Her nose is the usual coal-black, and her eyes are normally shaped.

    History: WIP

    Powers/Abilities: None

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