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    Xenian is an exceedingly wise Drayagon. Many who have come to him for advise have not regretted it, and those who have had at least learned from the experience.

    However, Xenian is always cryptic in how he gives out advice. A simple answer may come out confusing, and could be interpreted many ways. While he is not a seer by any means, he always thinks about all possible outcomes of an event before he acts.

    //I will add more to this and fix it up more - I promise! But I'll need to RP with Xenian a bit before I will be able to put this into words.\\

    More dragon than horse, Xenian has the legs and head of an equine, but body and tail of a dragon. From the ground to where the legs meet the body is fur and hoof, and the transformation from fur to scale is slightly visible where the two body covers meet. One third of the neck (closest to the head) is pure fur, and another third (closest to the body) is pure scale. A band around the middle third is both fur and scale. The mane of a horse runs down the full length of the neck and the head, as it would on a horse normally. Along the length of the back are blunt back spikes - where the mane ends and the spikes begin is indistinguishable. At the end of the tail is a white floomph of fur, instead of a tail spade.

    The fur is a dark brown, except for around the hooves and a stripe down the snout. Scale color is also brown, but lighter than the fur. When Xenian is seen from a distance, the border between scale and fur is indistinguishable, and even from a shorter distance, the fur covers the scales well. Only when viewed closely can one see where the scales form and the fur ends. Back spikes are also a darker shade of brown than the base scale color.

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