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    Name: Hachicô
    Nickname: Hachi, what he normally goes by.
    Age: Three years and a quarter.
    Breed: Akita
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Typical orange overcoat complimented with a beautiful thick white undercoat. The snowy white pelt dominates his lower extremities, while orange is dusted on top. This male is blessed with beautiful dark brown eyes that are full of pride and strength. The only thing that dare disrupt his flawless coat is a long scar on his right side, branching down his belly and hind legs.
    Personality: Hachicô was born to be loyal. Loyalty is all this brute thinks about. He doesn't give it to every stranger he meets, however; they have to earn his trust and loyalty. Once they do he's the most loyal dog there is. Hachi will fight to the death for loved ones or friends, and will sacrifice himself at any time for a pup in danger. His basic nature is protection and loyalty; two traits that shows well through this orange and white Akita. However, Hachi often finds himself getting carried away with the protection that he gives. He often doesn't know when to stop fighting, and so will either eventually kill whoever it is who angered him, or eventually kill himself. He can also have quite a temper, if he's provoked, and if it continues he could start a fight and easily get himself killed. This strong-headdedness is what gets him in the most trouble. However, he is willing to give strangers a chance to earn his trust, and in return he will provide them with protection and an undying loyalty that nothing can break.

    History: Hachicô's past is simple, but heart breaking. As a young puppy, he was fascinated with nature. He was always itching to go explore new areas that he hadn't been to before often getting in trouble with his mother for wandering too far from their home. His other two siblings weren't as keen on adventure, but Hachi could always convince them to come along so that he wouldn't be the only one in trouble. Though to him he could never venture too far; he always wanted to go further into the unknown. At around the age of a year, he decided to go explore again. Further this time, however; to a place he hadn't been to any of the times before. Naturally he needed someone to share the blame with, and so was able to convince his brother into following him. Once his mother's back was turned, it was time to move, and the two yearlings were off to a fast start. Their home was nestled happily in a beautiful meadow beside a small brook, so the scenery was stunning. But of course it wasn't enough for little Hachi. He wanted to go to the cliff not far away. Unfortunately, that was just what one small group of wolves had in mind also. The wolves were adolescent and out for trouble, and two small dogs without any protection were just what they needed. As soon as the two brothers got to the top of the cliff and were hit with just how beautiful their home was, the grass around them suddenly changed from a lush green to a nightmarish crimson that gleamed dangerously in the sun above. Horrified, Hachi whipped around only to see the image that would haunt him for his whole life. His beloved brother's body hanging limply from the jaws of a snarling wolf. Three more wolves broke off around the first one, surrounding him. Hachi couldn't take his brown eyes off of his brother's corpse, and he was too frightened to move. He didn't know what to do. As the wolves drew closer, he stood frozen in place with a numbing fear that rooted him in place. Mentally he was screaming at himself to move, but his legs wouldn't comply with his wishes. He could only watch as his death drew closer, blood stained muzzles parted in a deadly grin. A flash of white, and the first wolf was down. Utterly confused, Hachi's eyes adjusted only to see his mother pinning down the wolf that had killed his brother not too long before. Her frantic yelling at her son finally got through to the yearling, and Hachi's legs finally moved, carrying him as fast as they could go down the slope of the cliff. One of the wolves chased after him and managed to trip up the young dog, sending him spiraling to the ground, while a second sunk their teeth into his side, easily ripping the flesh. Not even able to feel the pain at that moment, he stood and regained his footing to where he could once again flee down the slope, his mother's cries of pain following him every step of the way.

    A year passed. Hachi, thanks to his adventurous needs, was left without a brother or a mother. His sister remained at his side for a long while until she eventually found a mate. Hachi, not wanting to be a burden, removed himself from the happy couple to live on his own without the protection of others nearby. The wound the wolf had left had healed, but what it created was an ugly pink line that started in the middle of his right side and ended in various places along his belly and hind legs. Thankfully the wolves seemed to have enough without chasing after him. Unfortunately they took his mother's life instead of his own, and now he has to live with the burden of knowing that those two sacrificed themselves for him. He strives to make something of his life and not let it go to waste for their sake. He hopes to be big in the world.

    Other characters: None so far; first character.
    Other: Hachi was named after the Japanese Akita Hachicô whose loyalty to his master met no end. If you're not familiar with the story of him, you should seriously go look him up. I cried when I heard it. D;

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