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    Post  Twilight on Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:11 pm

    Name: Renu (R-EE-new)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolf
    Personality: Renu is nothing but a flirt. All he thinks about is stealing the hearts of females. It's what he was born for. With his charming good looks and his bright, warm eyes, he's a great catch. If you can hold onto him for long enough. He never sticks around long enough for anything to develop, off to find another female to sway toward him. He's sly and is a trickster, but only to males. To females he'll be as charming as he can be; however to a male he's a nasty wolf to be around.
    History: Renu has, obviously, had many mates. Though the word "mate" is too technical with him. They're more flirts to him. He's lived the majority of his life roaving to different territories, searching for a new female. However, when he was just a pup nothing went that smoothly. Renu never knew his father; turned out he was a roaver like himself. Never stuck around long enough. So his mother was forced alone with four pups to feed. His mother was a skilled wolf and an excellent hunter, so food was no worry. It was bears that were the main problem. Cutting a long story short, while his mother was out hunting a grizzly found their den site. Being just pups, they didn't have a chance to protect themselves. The bear had his way with the other three of Renu's siblings, leaving himself alone. Shuddering and staring up at the animal in fear, he found himself witnessing his mother coming to his rescue. Thankfully, the bear didn't want any more trouble, so he grumbled off into the woods again without any more trouble. Heartbroken, Renu's mother raised the last surviving pup by herself into adulthood. Eventually he decided to split from his mother and go on his seperate ways, though that one memory will never leave him.

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