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    Post  Marduk on Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:08 pm

    Wolf Name: Marduk

    Gender: Male

    Species: Eastern Timber Wolf

    Spirit: none

    Role: Roamer(loner)

    Likes: running, simming, positive social interaction

    Dislikes: fighting, seeing others hurt

    Personality: He is rather shy and does not know many of the customs of other wolves. He wants to talk, but he isn't always able to find the words. He knows how to fight and he can be quite good at it, but he will avoid fights if possible. He does not like hurting others and will be kind and polite whenever possible.


    History: He was born in the spring three years ago to a small pack in the mountains. He does not remember much of his early life with the pack bacause he dispersed early in search of adventure. He has wandered around for quite a while, never settling in once place. After short stays in various territories, he moved along mainly due to the pressure of the occupying packs.

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