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    Post  WildWind on Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:00 am

    Animal species: African Leopard

    Name: Dumari

    Gender: Female

    Characteristics: Having a soft, paler shade of tan-yellow than many other leopards, her spots show up nicely throughout her body. Her eyes are the common pale-yellow, and her nose shows up in a soft shade of pink. She was once slender and flexible to help her clib trees well, but now, after giving birth to a litter of cubs, finds it a bit more difficult to do so.

    Personality: She is easily angered or offended, and it isn't wise to get on her bad side. She prefers to be alone, in a secluded, quiet place where she can just stay away from anything and anyone. She's never had a moment in her adult life where she was scared, at least that's what she likes to say. She never backs down to a fight, and usually comes out on top. However, after she had her cubs she had found a soft spot for the ones, or one, that lived. That was the only time she ever loved something.


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