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    name: Acerberus

    Appearance: This once small pup has grown into a large wolf his body is covered in many scars from past misgivings the most notice able scars are on his face and chest. He has two scars on his face, one his over his left eye and curves into a crescent moon shape. The second is on the upper part of his muzzle that goes through the end the first scar. The last scar is on his chest, three the resemble claws that start just below his neck and down to the mid section of his chest. His pelt is mainly a darkish brown color, the bottom of his muzzle to his underbelly is a light brown color. The underside of his tail to the tip of his tail also holds this lighter brown color. His eyes are a dull yellow; he wears his brothers fang as a necklace around his neck.

    Personality: He actually has two sides of him self that he constantly fights with. first is the side of him self he displays when he is with others. Because of his past he has gained parts of those wolves personality and actions forming them into his own version of those cruel wolves. He is not as cruel as those wolves as it is not in his true nature, but he tries not to form any bonds with other wolves he finds it as giving someone the advantage of taking something from him. His other side shows when he is alone, his true self . The kind and caring wolf he truly is. When he is alone he continues to mourn the lost of his brother and reflect on the second chance of life his brother gave him.

    History: Acerberus was born into a small roving pack a wolves. The pack settled down in a small clearing surrounded by trees and other greenery to give females the chance to raise their pups without the hassle of moving around. Acerberud’s mother was just a subordinate ranked female there was nothing special about her or the two pups she birthed. The second pup was Acerberus’s brother Zidane, the first weeks of thir life went as expected under the care of their loving mother. But unfortunately that care did not last, they were attacked by a rival pack. Their attack surprised the roving pack, they had no chance to defend themselves from the onslaught. Everyone was killed one after another until they came into the den where Acerberus’s mother brother and himself were. While trying to get to their mother on of these wolves clawed Acerberus over his left eye; the rival gang of wolves mercilessly killed Acerberus and Zidane’s mother. Instead of killing Acerberus and Zidane the wolves took them as slaves to serve there pack ant way they saw fit.

    The brothers were constantly tortured and forced to do tasks such as fetching food for the each members. They were barely feed just enough to keep them alive, the only thing that kept the two brothers going was that someday they would both escape the pack of wolves. A year passed since the brothers were taken in as slaves. The brothers grew larger in stronger; and after a year of torment they grew defiant of their captures, they began to disobey any wolf they gave them any type of order, the alpha of the pack grew tired of brothers constant defiance and punished them both. He clawed Acerberus across his muzzle and pinned down Zidane, holding him down by his neck. He threatened the two brothers saying he would kill the, if they continued with what they were doing. They had no choice but to obey him but that didn’t stop them from thinking of a way to escape this the pack. Another year passed;

    Acerberus and Zidane survived another year. On this day the anniversary of they pack being killed the alpha approached the two brothers, he said they served the pack well and he would let them go free. But not together, in a cruel twist of fate the alpha put the brother against each other. He forced the brothers to fight each other for their freedom, the whole pack surrounded Acerberus and Zidane. Waiting to see the two brothers to rip each other apart, for a while the two brothers simply stared at each other in disbelieve of what was happening. Then without warning Zidane clawed Acerberus’s knocking him down in surprise, he then clamped his jaws around his neck. Acerberus could not believe what was Zidane was doing, was he really going to kill him just so he could be free.

    He couldn’t just die, not this way. Acerberus thrashed wildly breaking free of his brother’s grip and and tackled him to the ground, his ivory fangs now around Zidane’s neck. The wolves around him were shouting with pleasure in their eyes at the to fighting brothers, “Kill him, you want to be free don’t you!” A smirk formed on Zidane’s maw, “that’s right brother make it look good, I told you I would get out of here no matter what the cost.” just then Acerberus realized what Zidane was doing, he was sacrificing himself, giving his own life so he could start a new one. Tears started to flow from Acerberus’s eyes his brother was willing to give up his own life just so he could be free of these wolves. But he was hesitating he just couldn’t kill his brother. Zidane spoke again as if he knew what his younger brother was thinking, “its alright bro, if I am to die here I would whether it be by your fangs and not these mongrels! go ahead brother.” the wolves around them started to grow restless with the long pause and shouted louder. Acerberus put more pressure on his brother’s neck, only enough to draw blood, “I-I’m sorry brother” was all he could muster to say before he crushed his brother’s neck. The wolves around them grew silent, the alpha step up to him, “Well done your free to go just like I promised” an evil grin shaping his maw. Acerberus stood over his brothers lifeless body , he pressed his muzzle against Zidanes, “I will never be able to repay for this brother.” Acerberus then pushed passed the pack of wolves running as far from his pain as he could.

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