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    Name: Kira
    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Kira's eyes are the most beautiful thing about her. They look like they've been carved from the most purest of crystals, giving it a light blue color. They seem to sparkle like a diamond in any kind of light.
    History: Kira is the farthest thing from "wild" there will ever be. First off, she was born into a zoo. Now there's nothing wrong with that; you get a decent habitat, they like to throw you some live rabbits every now and again, so nothing is wrong there. However, Kira wasn't alive long enough to experience any form of pack life or hunting. Right when she got used to eating raw meat, an extremely rich man brought his little daughter to the zoo. This man's daughter was a canine freak; they had plenty of other dogs at home, however the small child didn't want just a dog. She wanted a wolf. So, striding over to the wolf pen, the little girl caught sight of Kira playing happily with her two other siblings. Being only six years of age, the little girl pointed at the small pup who was completely oblivious as to what was going to happen. Her life was about to change forever. Offering a seriously huge wad of cash to the owners of the small zoo, the keepers handed over the young wolf to the small girl who in return squealed with delight when the pup was in her arms. As the happy young girl and her father strode off with their new pet, Kira watched as her family grew farther and farther away from her.

    Once at her new home, Kira made it obvious that it was her goal to destroy everything from the wife's pink bunny slippers, to the maid's newly clean, brand new, white aprons. The other twenty or so dogs roamed the fifty acres outside, accompanied by many pure bred stallions. But no, Kira was too "special" to play outside with the other dogs. The little girl's father was fed up with this wolf destroying everything in her sight, so he condemned her to his daughters' room until she grew out of her puppy stage. Normally this would be bad, but her room. The girl had her own indoor hot tub for goodness sakes. Okay, so the room was huge. Is that all? Not even the beginning. Kira had her own room inside of the room. The humans called this a closet, but it was big enough to house four people comfortably. There were no clothes in the way, but she did have her own huge pillow, diamond-covered food bowls and water dishes, and even a mirror. Yes, a mirror for a wolf. Kira grew up inside this girls room for the first year of her life. She was served on silver plates, and she'd only eat the finest of the sorts her servants would bring her. Eventually the little girl didn't feel the same for the wolf than she had when she was a year younger, (in other words she simply got bored of it) so the daughter's mother took over Kira. This, also, was an improvement. The parent's room was even bigger tan the little girls, and servants were even more frequent. Everything was spotless. Even the new light pink collar Kira flaunted that was in laid with rubys, saphiers, and emeralds. What hung from the delicate collar was a diamond heart that sparkled in even the faintest of light. Kira loved it. The mother saw to it that Kira was groomed each and every day.

    Unfortunately, the man's wealth didn't last long. He eventually had to sell the white wolf for what she was worth. And that, my dear, was a lot. Once the man picked her up to load her in their car and drive her off to wherever he sold her to, she made a break for it. She knew nothing good came from these cars; she'd seen many dogs loaded up and taken away, then they'd never come back. Escaping into the forest, Kira awkwardly ran. She'd been outside before, but she'd never been alone like this and she'd never been in the forest. ((Too lazy to write more xD))
    Personality: Kira is... Spoiled. The best way to describe her is spoiled rotten. She expects everyone to do things for her, and for her not to have to lift one of her fragile paws. Kira is up-tight and cannot even imagine getting dirty. She's never hunted before, having all of her food being served on a silver platter before, and she expects the best food there is whenever she wants it. Kira believes that others are her servants and they'll do what she says when she asks for it to be done. Physical labor is completely out of the question with this hot-headed female.
    Appearance: Kira is a young girl's dream pet. She's pure white, except for an intricate lacing of black that wraps around her forelegs, down her belly, and eventually finds itself at the tip of her tail. she also has a light pink collar in laid with rubys, saphiers, and emeralds. What hung from the delicate collar was a diamond heart that sparkled in even the faintest of light.

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