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    Post  WildWind on Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:18 pm

    Name: Gyorano (G-or-an-o)

    Fur: White

    Eyes: Honey-Yellow

    Markings: Black ear tips, tip of tail, and paws.

    Scars: One across left hind leg.

    Other: None

    History: As a pup he was raised for one thing and one thing alone, to fight. At the time he was a year old his father pushed him away and left him at the camp where the training went on. He got many cuts and bruises, but only one turned out to be a scar which is located on his left hind leg. He ended up the best fighter in the whole camp, so the leader promoted Gyorano to leader of the camp as the old leader was in fact, old. He later passed on his leadership to a male he feels should be in charge, feeling himself he is not worthy to lead. He thinks he is awful at leadership, but is in fact almost perfect at it.

    Personality: Protective, Compassionate, Understanding. He sometimes can get a bit over-protective, but mostly because he was raised only to fight, which makes him think all males are as well. He has compassionate feelings, both in his love life and through friendship. His ability to understand makes him a good and trust-worthy friend, because if an important duty is given to him, he will do it no matter what the cost.

    Strengths: Fighting, he was raised only to fight so is able to fight or hunt extremely well. He has great speed, making him a supreme weapon.

    Weaknesses: If bitten, cut, or kicked where his scar is it causes great pain, making him limp slightly.

    Picture(s): None at the moment.

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