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    Post  WildWind on Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:42 am

    Name: Angel

    Gender: Female

    Species: German Shepard

    Personality: Angel is very protective of her family and friends, and often is over-protective. She is also very kind and friendly, loving to make new friends. She is also very thoughtful and considerate, often sharing her food with other's who are in need. She is also very passionate, making her a great friend to behold.

    Description: Mostly black with a cream underbelly, paws, under of tail, and around face. She has a sorta of 'hat' on her head made of cream with a black stripe going over it. She is pure bred Black and Cream German Shepard, with a loyal and loving heart and mind.

    Mate: None yet.

    Offspring: None yet.

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