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    Lakota the Dreamcatcher

    Post  WildWind on Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:41 am

    Name: Lakota

    Gender: Female

    Species: German Shepherd/Wolf

    Personality: Lakota is a free spirit with big dreams in life. Even if her dreams may never come true, she still chases them with a heartwarming love. Her wishes involve a great home, full of beauty and wildlife. Lakota hopes for a wonderful mate, some adorable puppies and a peaceful place where Humans wont bother her. Altogether she's a loving canine who enjoys seeing others happy and healthy; Even if she's not exactly that way herself. SHe would rather starve than let another starve, its instinct for her. Sometimes Lakota can be a bit a grouch, but that happens very, very rarely and it only usually lasts only a few moments, an hour at most. Lakota just adores pups and can't wait to get her own. She's like a dreamcatcher, finding others' dreams and helping them to come true. This is how she came to get the name Lakota the Dreamcatcher.

    Description: Lakota is a mix between a German Shepherd and a wolf. Her mother and father were both German Shepherds, but her grandmother on her father's side was a wolf. Her pelt is mixed with different greys and light browns, but also has some black tossed in here and there. Her chest is a cream color and her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue.

    A picture of her eyes can be found here:

    Mate: Not at the moment.

    Offspring: None at the moment.

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