Pepper, the Appaloosa.


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    Pepper, the Appaloosa.

    Post  Twilight on Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:14 pm

    Name: Pepper (Her humans named her that).
    Age: Adult
    Gender: Female
    Strength: Fast runner, usually makes very good jumps.
    Weakness: she can run fast for short periods of time, and once in a while she missed a jump.
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hoof Color: faded silver/brown
    Markings: See image
    Main CoatColor: See image
    Past: She was raised in a ranch. She still lives there, and is used as a childrens 'entertainment system'. She is ridden by the children day in and day out. She has a dream to one day be free, and often closes her eyes to feel the breeze run through her mane and pray that she will one day be let free.

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