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    Name: Dracona

    Age: Young Adult

    Gender: Mare

    Race: Horse, Drayagon

    Alliance: Monstrous Ones

    Looks: Being a Drayagon, Dracona is quite the little mixture. Large, smooth scales cover every part of her body where thin horse fur should be. Being white and slightly reflective, the scales tend to help cool her more thoroughly than darker colored Drayagons or even regular horses. Her tail appears to be that of a dragon's, hair replaced by scales to a spade that sits at the tip. Though by now you would expect her to be entirely dragon, but that isn't the case. Her legs are that of a dragon's, but she has hooves at the end instead of claw-bearing feet. Her body build, though appears dragon-like from the scales, is actually built more like a horse. She has a rounded stomach, and from her torso comes a horse-length neck that holds a horse head with the look of a quarter horse. Though normal horses normally have brown, black, or, on occasion, blue eyes, Dracona has been gifted with a dragon's pair of green eyes. The single ability she has from her dragon half is that of acid, which she can bite with her large dragon fangs and leave a deadly poison that slowly eats away at flesh, bone, and skin.

    Personality: Dracona is a stubborn mare, but she's caring. She hates being told what to do, and prefers to be in charge. She is very protective, and sneaking up on her wouldn't be the best thing you'd ever done. After abandoning her herd and family, she's lived her life as a nomad, traveling to no where in particular. She prefers to leave it that way, in fear that her parents would discover her whereabouts if she stayed somewhere too long. No matter how long it's been since the death of her mate, Rhiddian, she still longs for him and mourns his death.

    History: WIP

    Genetic History: Her mother and father are still alive, no one knows who they are though. Her mate is believed to be dead.

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