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    Post  WildWind on Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:54 am

    Name: Esabow

    Age: Young adult

    Gender: Mare

    Race: Horse, Pegasi

    Alliance: Aves

    Looks: Esabow is a young paint mare, with chestnut-brown patches. She has a sleek appearance, witch makes her seem quite 'girly looking'. Esabow has one white sock, on her front right leg, not to big of a sock though its a sock. She also has one bundle of white on her that looks like a bow.

    Personality: Esabow is a loving and caring mare, however don't get into a fight with her, or you'll soon regret it. Esabow is very generous, she would rather starve than starve a little one. She can sometimes be annoying, but only when she extremely bored. She also believes dreams will always come true.

    History: When she was born everything amazed her, the waters flowing the flowers blooming, it was a wonderful world. Esabow's mother always believed that her daughter was like her great great great great grandmother, she always believed dreams always come true. Soon she grew in her wings, just as her mother her grandmother and so on did, except the first Esabow. That is how she got her name Esabow.

    Genetic History: Mother and father are unknown for now.

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