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    Vaicha Dunean

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      Name: Vaicha Dunean

      Nickname: Vaich, Vai, and anything else her friends may call her.

      Age: Two Years

      Breed: Rocky Mountain Wolf

      Gender: Female

      Like most of the Rocky Mountain wolves, her pelt holds many different shades of brown, tan, and dark grey. A creamy tan begins coating her fur at the lower part of her sides, and continues across her belly, neck, under-tail, and legs. Above the tan is a light grey-brown, which is the majority of her pelt. From the rear, coming towards the shoulders is a light white color that looks more of a grey than white. As it nears closer to her shoulders, however, you can see darker browns and greys starting to form. By the time you reach the head, the color is nearly entirely a soft, chocolaty brown. This covers very little of her face, however, which merely includes the outside of her ears, and a patch that comes from her shoulders that runs down her muzzle to her nose. Surrounding the patch near the ears is a dark grey-brown that covers more of her face than any other color. It carefully goes around the eyes, and ends just a bit below where the ears are. Below that, the creamy tan color comes back and covers the other parts of her muzzle, and gently forms a thin line around the eyes.

      Her eyes are a soft, light green color that blends in nicely with her warmly-colored fur, and are a natural rounded-oval, like most wolves' are. Her nose, like usual wolves, and dogs for that matter, is a dark coal black.

      Her frame is lightly built, and great for long road trips that require a lot of energy, or for short sprints needed to capture large or speedy prey. Though she's a good runner- which is very useful for tiring down a large elk or deer- she isn't very strong at all, which means that if she bites, it wont break bones quite as easily as more largely-muscled wolves, even at her young age.

      As a young wolf, the female still has a lot to learn in her life. She isn't wise for her age, or ignorant, for the matter. She's just as intelligent as any other creature her age, and learns just as fast. Her choice of words is the only thing that may make you think she's older than she appears or really is. She tends to use phrases that you may find an older wolf or dog saying, than a puny little two-year-old, mentally-challenged wolf would. However, this type of speech isn't to be confused with the kind that revolves around intelligence; it merely means she says things with an older way of speaking. If a question, a lot of times she'll end it with a "correct," or "yes." Aside from this, she actually has quite a character.

      If somebody were ever to meet her, or she so happens to find them first, you can probably count on her to either try and persuade them for something or walk away. Through the two months she's been living on her own, she's learned to keep fights very few and far between, and to try the very best to prevent them, as she believes it to be the easiest way to survive. Though scavenging for leftover meals left by others, and at times begging, may seem pathetic, the female prefers to do it rather than be bossed around in a pack to hunt her own food.

      The young wolfess prefers being a loner, and dislikes almost every wolf she's taken time to actually speak to. This doesn't mean she's had her fair share of short-time buddies, however, and at times you may see her traveling with another wolf or two. She has a bad sense of character, though, and can sometimes be taken advantage of very easily. She usually doesn't find out until a good week or so, but when she does, you can plan on her to abandon them or start a fight if she's mad enough. She's never actually found anyone she likes well enough to stick with for a long time, and isn't very upset about it, either. If a wolf's just met her, she appears to be very happy, active, playful, and calm, and she prefers to keep it that way as long as she can for a few fresh meals to fill her stomach.

      However, Vaicha isn't entirely normal. Her abnormality actually made her family pack somewhat afraid of her, and she actually didn't mind it all tha tmuch. The single major difference that seperates her from other young, dispersal wolves is that she has somewhat of a split personality. She's had it as long as she can remember, and named him on her second birthday. Rashii she called him, meaning "seems to be" or "seems to" in Japanese. However, unlike usual split personalities, hers is fairly different. Rashii is more of another person inside her head, commenting on conversations and trying to persuade her to do what he wants. She trusts him, but most of the time follows more on what she wants to say or do. Rashii is kind of the "bad guy" for Vaicha, though really just likes to do things to irritate or hurt the feelings of others. There's one exception, however; Rashii absolutely dispises dogs. Even one that's had a long line of wolf blood, and only a minor amount of dog is seen as the enemy for him. Vaicha, on the other hand, is happy with anyone she may meet, though trusts wolves more than dogs at times.

      Altogether, Vaicha is friendly, loyal, active, and, at times, can be very upset or angry.

      She was born into a small family consisting of her mother, her father, her older sister, Kiera, and the rest of the pack. Her mother had been pregnant before she joined the pack, giving birth to her first litter consisting of Bandit, Keira, and Renegade, fathered by an unknown male. Later on a young male by the name of Tyari found the new mother, and helped her care for and raise the young. All believed that Tyari was their father, but Kiera found out. The parents confessed that it was, indeed, true. Kiera kept quiet, though, and made sure not to tell her siblings. Eventually they grew to be two years of age, and decided to say farewell to their mother. Kiera had no idea what they were doing, until she came to where she was asked to and saw her mother crying. Kiera decided to stay with her family, while the other two went their separate ways. It had become a peaceful time in the pack, until news of a pregnancy had arrived. It wasn't of the Alphas', but of Heartshine, the first mother in the pack, who was yet again expecting. This time, however, it was by the male she had fallen deeply in love with, Tyari.

      A few months passed, and a new litter of pups was born. Four in all, it was a large number, but the pack was fairly well-sized, so they were in good care. Out of the bunch of young stood out little Vaicha, mumbling to herself in the strangest way possible. Nearly every time somebody asked her something that was even a tiny bit important, she seemed to speak to herself in a manner as if somebody else was talking to her. The other pups made fun of her, called her a few names, and picked on her, but luckily her parents prevented most of it. Some of her siblings seemed to hold a soft spot for her, but Vaicha never made much of an effort to befriend them. Everything seemed to be going somewhat alright in her eyes, but it all changed eventually.

      It started when she had grown old enough to leave the den, she met all of her pack-mates, and introduced herself a couple times, like her siblings did. Afterwards, everyone watched the other young play around, while Vaicha was left alone, outside of the fun and happiness. In this lonely time, a voice spoke out to her, like it had in her earlier days, but it was odd this time; she hadn't heard it in over two weeks. They spoke to each-other in regular conversations you would see other pups be interested in, and the others of the pack pricked their ears towards the odd, one-person questions, and sometimes answers. They stepped over to her, and searched for the other she was speaking to. They questioned her if there was anyone else, and she had answered with a yes, thinking they, too, could hear the voice within her head. That was the day she was shunned, thought to be unstable and insane. Only her parents still loved her, which brought her to still push on. Her fellow pack members, even during conversations, would go silent when she came around. The pack had shut her out, and treated her like a stranger, an outcast.

      So, poor, little Vaicha grew up with a close bond only to her parents. She loved her pack, she really did, but by the time she had become a little over a year old she had realized what they were doing to her was a way to try and get her to go away. Her life was pretty much like that, up until she turned two. This marked her day of dispersing from the pack, to venture outside the borders and explore to her heart's content. This was also the day when her friend, which resided in her mind, got a name. Rashii she called him. The pack members were slightly frightened, and nearly chased her off the territory themselves, but she left before they got to that point.

      Other: Nothing.

      Friends & Enemies Aspects

      Mate: None
      Crush: None
      Loves: None
      Likes: Myth(wolf), Rain(wolf).
      Neutral: None
      Dislikes: None
      Hates: None
      Enemies: None

      Family Aspects
      Mother: Heartshine Wildrunner
      Grandmother: ? Wildrunner
      Grandfather: ? Wildrunner

      Father: Tyari Dunean
      Grandmother: Sira Raidu
      Grandfather: Asender Dunean

      Sisters: Bandit Wildrunner, Kiera Wildrunner
      Brothers: Renegade Wildrunner

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