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    Name: Frost

    Age: Young Adult

    Gender: Male

    Race: Wolf, Frost Wolf

    Alliance: Ice

    Looks: Frost is a white color, with blue tints around his eyes, all over his body except his belly. His eyes are a silver color with dotted blue in them. His paws are light brown. He also has two white toes on each of his front feet.

    Personality: Frost is a real go get 'em wolf, he never backs down to a challenge. He's very stubborn, and hot-headed, often speaking or taking action without thinking it through. At times, when he's bored, can be very annoying. Even with this, he's usually very polite, and caring. Normally he's only arrogant when angry with someone, at himself, or just bloody hot.

    History: When Frost was young, his mother and him, along with his sister we're banished from they're pack. His mother had pups with a lower level male in the pack instead of the alpha. They we're out in the cold, harsh wilderness, without a pack, and without a home. His mother had to constantly watch, warm, and feed him, so she couldn't go out and hunt for food. His mother became skinnier and skinnier, until she finally died of frostbite and the cold. By then he was old enough to hunt rabbits and such, once he became older though, he could hunt almost anything.

    Genetic History: Nobody knows who his family is, he barely remembers his mother, he never met his father.

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