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    Name: Eineece (E-n-ees)

    Nicknames: Ee

    Gender: Female

    Age: Three Human Years

    Breed(s): Siberian Husky

    Height: 22'' at the whithers.

    Weight: 23.1 Lbs.

    Physical Description: A soft, delicate layer of red rock dust seems like it was poured thinly on this female; Shaded across her slenderly built body that moves swiftly over the earth with sturdy, long legs. Most would call this a deep, dark russet brown, but others would call this a red coloration. Eventually her red fur blends into a soft cream or white on all four of her limbs; Though changes back into the same brown color as found on her top side once it reaches her fore paws. That exact same cream color is also found on the bottom of her face, her fluffed underbelly and all the way around the tail nicely; Including inside of her legs and ears, and some small shoulder tints.

    Her hair holds a medium length, and back in the day she was kept in top care, combed out every day and given a bath every once in a while. But now, her fur is filthy and matted at places, and you'd never have known it was the same dog unless she told you. Her ears are built in a pointed position ever since she was born, like all huskies, and are also colored with that red color as most of her fur is.

    Eyes: As if an ancient mosaic design, the female's eyes are multi-colored; And even at that, the base hue is different in each. Her left eye is a soft azure coloration with specks of powder blue thrown in like paint. The iris of her right eye is tinted a sharp shade of amber; Which also holds ash-colored flecks across it like the spots found on a dalmatian. Her bi-colored eyes hold a quiet, shy gleam on usual days. On rare occasions, however, you can see a curious expression from her eyes.

    Noticeable scars & Accessories: She has a large, black collar around her neck; Though doesn't have any tags or anything.

    Personality: Eineece is very caring and compassionate. Her heart is always set to others' needs and she strives to do what's right. If she knows someone well enough to be a friend, she would stand up and risk her own life for their's. Even though she cares about others, she is extremely shy around other dogs and tries to stay clear away from anyone if she can. She absolutely hates violence, and yet doesn't attempt to break it up unless it involves somebody she cares about or herself.

    She also has a nasty side, however, but never goes so far as a snarl; Unless she was attacked and brought into a fight by another dog. Sometimes she'll even attack first if she gets stressed or irritated too much. She hates this side of her, and never wishes to bring it out again, though it keeps happening whether she likes it or not. And just like Murphy's Law, it'll happen more often than it doesn't.

    Fears: She's afraid of death, but that's about it.

    Strengths: She's fast, flexible, and a great runner since she's got a slender build. She's also pretty quick on her feet when dodging blows, too.

    Weaknesses: The female often fights with herself when getting on the edge of her sanity; Not wanting to go into her vicious state, yet wanting to. Almost always this is a bad thing, because then she can't hardly protect herself unless she surrenders to the side she so very hates.

    History: Uh, can I do it later? It's like, really early for me right now.

    Family: Her parents are believed to be deceased by her, thanks to one of her brothers saying they were. Her siblings, her sister and three brothers, were taken away from her when she was about a month old and she has no idea what's going on with them; If they're not dead, at least.

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