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    Name: Sirena/Sinder

    Age: Young Adult (just barely an adult.)

    Gender: Female

    Strength: She can jump rather high, doesn't tire easily and can run pretty fast.

    Weakness: Stopping at her top speed, she usually trips up and (if fast enough stop) falls over.


    Eye Color: Dark Blue with a Silver Rim

    Hoof Color: Dark, Dark Grey except the back left one is pink. (Meaning it's more tender.)

    Markings: Black Stockings on legs except back left one which is Dark Grey.

    Main Coat Color: Silvery-Grey

    Past: When Sirena was born she was in the wild world, deer roaming happily, birds singing songs and dolphins playing at the beach. She often visited the dolphins who seemed to get a liking to her and the same was for her to them. As she grew older, she seemed to never act more mature past two years old. One day as she visited the dolphins, something touched all around her neck, she panicked, bucking and kicking, rearing and neighing trying to break free. But humans had gotten her, they pulled and tugged, pulling her towards them. More ropes touched the flesh around her neck, pulling her harder and harder. Finally they had caught her, leading her away. She had her head focused on the dolphins, who we're jumping and calling for her. She little out a low nicker, telling them she will try and come back someday. She was lead into a trailer, a metal door slammed behind her. She rubbed her nose against the side, her breath seeping through the holes. After a couple hours of driving she was lead out of the trailer, and into a pasture. Humans came to her and spoke "let's call her Sinder!" Sirena had never heard of these creatures, although she'd heard about creatures like them. She was left, there being trained by the humans in jumping and speed skills, enhancing her potential. Now she lives her days at the ranch, so far shes been alone, but others may arrive. She still nickers at nothing, hoping her dolphin friends will answer, but they never do. Sinder still tries to find a way to escape, but hasn't succeeded thus far.

    Other: Is a pure bred Arabian horse whose ancestors we're shipped to America to be in the wild.

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