Take a Step Through Time..



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    Take a Step Through Time..

    Post  WildWind on Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:38 pm

    Years fly by, creatures die.. But what would happen if you could walk through time?

    In a land far, far away from any galaxy even close to Earth's, was a planet of grand beauty. Meadows, waterfalls, forests, but there were, of course, oceans and some deserts, too. Ruins inhabit the land, but are covered with vines and various types of plant life. But one structure that still stands tall, is a clock tower. It's looks are those of an old English one, with hands of great design. It never rots, never rusts, invincible to nature's even most extreme conditions. It's chime rings out throughout the land beautifully, but instead of every hour.. Its every year. Twelve years ago, the clock tower was constructed, by humans. In that same year, the humans disappeared completely off of the face of the planet. Then, on the twelfth anniversary of the tower's completion, it chimes out more powerfully, more beautifully, than ever before.

    A large circle of gorgeous light appears in front of the clock tower's front doors, majestic colors of blacks and greys swirling around and through each other. But then, creatures of many shapes and sizes came through, dragons, wolves, horses, tigers.. All filled with a great intelligence; Some even with magical powers. The planet held all kinds of creatures, yes, but none had the intellect that these had. Soon the intelligent ones replaced the same of their species, the ones without the same intellect. The circle of glowing lights dissipated, leaving them on the planet forever more.

    The creatures of the land know nothing of what brought them here, as they were merely walking, running, flying, or swimming when they suddenly travelled through the archway. But it was the magic of the tower, for it had the power, and still does, to transport creatures through time.

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