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    Name: Sam
    Nicknames: Sammy
    Gender: Female
    Age: Two
    Breed(s): Shiloh Shepherd
    Height: 27" (Keep in mind that size is measured from the top of the shoulder and not the top of the head. They are usually longer than they are tall.)
    Weight: 87 pounds
    Physical Description: Slender build for a female of the breed, but she's strong. Sam's ears are pointed, growing out of their puppyhood folded form. Her coat is silky and usually flows beautifully over her muscles, but it's hard to take care of and will get matted easily if she doesn't clean it regularly. Her soft coat is a mixture of different shades of brown and black. Most of the black is on her back and top of her head, while the brown rests on her delicate shoulders and lower legs. There is also a shade of grey that resides at her tail and upper neck.
    Eyes: Dark amber, lighter around the rim of the pupil.
    Noticeable scars & Accessories: None
    Personality: Sam is considerate and doesn't like to see others in pain. She loves to explore, often known to wander off randomly and explore an area that she hasen't yet been to. The female loves the night and watching the stars. She has a soft spot for pups, doing anything for them that she can, even if they are a total strangers. Sam, on her bad days, is not a happy camper and should be left alone. Her jaws have never been subject to a fight, but that could change any day. She gets angry a bit easier than others, but is quick to cool off if left alone for a length of time. She's friendly toward others as long as she accepts their first impression. It's easy to get on her bad side, and once there it's difficult to work your way up again. For her to trust you is a different matter entirely.

    This beauty will care for others as long as she is able. Again, as long as she likes someone's first impression and warms up to her, she will be the most loyal friend anyone could ask for. Friends, to her, are very important. She'll go to the end of the earth for them and do anything to protect them. When it comes to those close to her, Sam always puts them before herself. She's not shy around strangers, then again, if they are impossibly bigger than her and snarling down at her, she'll be shy and timid. Other than that, if someone really wants to know her they have to break through her outer shell to get to the kindness and warmth inside.
    Fears: Blood and Siberian Huskies (read history). Sam cannot stand the sight of blood, but she doesn't faint or anything of that nature. She just gets a very strange feeling that comes over her when she's around it.
    Strengths: Agility; jumping; athletics.
    Weaknesses: Strength
    History: Sam was born on the streets of a distant town, where she grew up along with her two brothers and her mother. Sam never knew her father, and her mother never spoke of him. Anytime she would ask about him, her mother would seem to get angry and say something along the lines of, "You'll understand when your older." Sam never pushed the subject, though she was always frustrated that her mother wouldn't tell her. When she was less than one year old, still dependant on her mother, two strange dogs came. She rememberes their words clearly, "We've grown tired of you taking food from us, mutt." Her mother stepped between the pups and the two dogs, desperately trying to negotiate. "Please, I promise we'll leave tonight." The dog closest to Sam's mother snapped at her and growled, "You've been saying that for the past two days. Your finished here." The two dogs attacked her mother and finished the female off quickly, leaving a bloodied mass of fur and torn flesh. Just like that, Sam's mother died before her eyes. The two dogs, only just noticing the three pups nearby, smirked and set out on a slow walk towards them. Almost immediately, bright lights shone behind the two dogs, and humans came carrying big sticks. The dogs growled and ran away, slipping under a broken fence and off to freedom. The humans sighed angrily and glanced down at the helpless scraps of fur that were left. They slowed to a walk when they neared the frightened pups, picking the three up and setting them in a cage inside their car. Sam growled and struggled, but she couldn't break free. The humans took her and her two brothers to a small pound with hundreds of barking dogs. Her and her brothers were put in the same cage. Humans came and went, scanning the dogs as they passed. Sam never understood this, but one day, when she was finally over the age of one, one of the humans stopped at her cage and pointed at her. Another human appeared and unlocked the cage, walking swiftly to the group of dogs. He slipped a collar around her neck and attached a leash, then lead her out of the cage. Her two brothers looked terrified, and she, herself, was horrified, not wanting to leave her only kin. After that, the human who had pointed her out took her far away from that city to his home in a small town. He was an old man, but he was kind enough. Sammy warmed up to him and got to the point she'd do anything for him.

    One bleak day, the human she loved passed away. Sammy then didn't know what to do with herself. Horrified yet again, she refused to let any other human touch her. She eventually found a way to escape and ran out on her own, roaming where she pleased without a human or dog as close to her as the old man and her siblings. Eventually, she found out what breed of dog those two strange dogs were that murdered her mother; huskies. She's had a fear of them ever since, along with the fear of blood.
    Family: Sam has no memory of her father, and her mother was killed when she was less than a year old. She doesn't know what became of her two brothers or even if they're alive. She often has nightmares about that gruesome night her mother died before her eyes and how helpless she was to do anything.
    Picture: http://www.greatdogsite.com/admin/uploaded_files/1198060354shiloh_shepherd.jpg

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