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    Post  Twilight on Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:14 pm

    Name: Twilight
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Twilight is a very sweet wolf. She always strives to do the right thing no matter what, and cares for everyone, even if it's an enemy. She has a weak spot for pups. She's shy toward new wolves, but once she gets to know them she's a very loyal friend. She always puts her friends and family before herself.
    Coat Color: White
    Eye Color: Aquamarine
    Markings: Brown tipped ears, tail, and bridge of muzzle. All of her paws are brown except her front right paw. The "middle" toe on her front right paw is brown.
    Picture: https://2img.net/h/i174.photobucket.com/albums/w95/Spirit-Wolf31/AcualNewStuff/twilightBG.jpg

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