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    Post  Twilight on Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:09 pm

    Name: Saraiah (Sarah for short)
    Age: Adult
    Gender: Female
    Strength: Very fast runner.
    Weakness: A little smaller than most tigers, she's not as strong.
    Looks: http://www.nhj.k12.in.us/teachers/klesko/tiger%20web/tiger%2067%2013.jpg
    Eye Color: Deep Green
    Claw Color: faded white
    Stripe Color: Black
    Main Fur Color: light tan
    Past: She was raised properly until hunters came and killed her mother. She watched in horror as they dragged her limp body to their truck. She was a teen then, she has grown since.

    (Wow this one is old. xD)

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